Viscosity Tester


Applicable Standards: GB/T 265, ASTM D445, ASTM D2270, GB/T 30515
1- The instrument mainly consists of constant temperature bath, stirring device, capillary clip, electrical control unit, heating system, illumination and water-cooled tube.
2- Stainless steel constant temperature bath, square cylinder, with transparent observation winder in front, no viewing angle error, convenient for observing the viscometer.
3- SCM high precision temperature control circuit, digital display of temperature, display temperature can reach 0.01.
4- With function of capillary constants storage, can store constants of 4 pieces capillary one time. Data won’t disappear when there is power outage.
5- With function of temperature revise. The modification value won’t disappear when power outage occurs.
6- Sample flow timing. After stop, it automatically calculate and display the flow time and kinematic viscosity.
7- Fully automatic testing process.
Technical Parameters:
Temperature control point: 20℃, 40℃, 50℃, 80℃, 100℃;
Temperature control precision:±0.01℃
Timing range: 0~999S can reach up to 3000S
Power: 2500W
Power supply: AC220V±105 50Hz